Cyprea. Marine Foods. Pvt.Ltd., is committed to protecting the environment and underpins all that we do. It is reflected in the products and services we provide to customers, the design and operation of our facilities, the condition under which employees work and our interaction with communities where we do business.

The following principles are applicable to Company activities:

Protection - We will conduct all activities in an ethical and sustainable manner to protect the nature and its resources, employees, neighbours and beneficiaries. We will pro actively work to implement procedures and programmes to prevent pollution.

Compliance - We will comply with all legal and corporate requirements with proactive implantation of programs and procedures.

Conversation - We will proactive and promote the conservation of nature and its resources.

Communication - All our staff are responsible and accountable for achieving the objectives and targets of environmental management systems.

Continuous improvement - we will regularly monitor our activities and propose the Board of Directors on programs for continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the Company. Environment objectives and targets are established and targets and will be reviewed and approved during management reviews.

We will achieve a successful Environmental Management System (EMS) with efficient management practices through proper planning and development in conjunction with all its activities and accomplished through continuous training and improvement of all necessary systems.


Globally, fisheries is thereatened due to unsustainable methods of fishing. Excessive by-catch, harvest of juveniles, habitat destruction, over-fishing and illegal fishing are the primary causes of decline in marine production.

The traditional live bait pole and line fishing targets only surface schooling tuna taken individually without harming other marine life associated with it. This time-honored method has been practiced in Maldives for hundreds of years.

Cyprea Marine Foods Pvt.Ltd. works on the principles to assure that the traditional fishing is maintained with its rich customs and value, so that it could be passed on to our children in the form that it has been practiced for generations.

Yasir Waheed